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Modern Java Cabinets

Modern Java Cabinets

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The Modern Java Premium Cabinets are excellent multi-purpose cabinets for home or office use. These elegant and attractive cabinets have unique designs. And they are available in a ready-to-assemble package.
Our java premium cabinets are made of high-quality maple wood. Each component of the cabinet has been manufactured to provide adequate strength and durability. The doors, walls, drawers and base shelves are made of 3/4" thick maple wood. A distinct maple wood color adorns the interior and provides a natural, visually pleasing contrast to the external brown java color.
These cabinets are user-friendly and easy to assemble. The upper drawer rolls out with ease. All drawer slides are mounted beneath the drawers for smooth sliding operation. The location of the slides also makes it easier for the drawers to bear the weight of its contents. The cabinet drawers also have a soft closing feature that protects the items in the drawers. This makes it ideal for keeping precious and delicate items. The doors of the base are secured to the wall of the cabinet with 6-way hinges that open out fully and provide a soft closing mechanism. This soft closing system prevents damage to the contents of the base cabinet.
Java premium cabinets are manufactured in various sizes to meet the needs of various users. So you can choose the size you need to accommodate the items you want to keep and to fit into the amount of space you have in the room. Our cabinet designs can also be modified to suit your purpose. Additional roll-out trays can be ordered and fitted into the base cabinet. Roll out trays will help to organize the open space and they will be completely concealed by the cabinet door. The extra roll-out trays will not affect the stability of the entire cabinet because the entire structure is mounted on a very sturdy square base.


  • Natural boxes require skin panels for any exposed sides which can be found in the accessories tab.  
  • You must use Toe Kick Plates to cover the bottom

*All maple wood 3/4th doors, drawers, and frames
*5/8th" A grade natural maple plywood box construction
*Dove tail, all wood full extension drawers
*CAM Lock System Assembly 
*Full depth 5/8" thick wall & base shelves
*Concealed 6-way soft closing adjustable class='category-table' hinges
*Under-mount soft close drawer slides
*Roll out trays for base cabinets are available

Base Cabinets 9 to 21" 
Base Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet 33 to 36"
Drawer Base Cabinets 9 to 30"
Wall Cabinets 9 to 21"
Wall Cabinets 24 to 36"
Wall Bridge Cabinets 30 and 36"
Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet
Pantry Cabinets
Vanity Sink Cabinets

 Use the Tabs below to select cabinet sizes you need and add them to your shopping cart 

Modern Java Cabinets

Base Cabinet 09"


Base Cabinet 12"


Base Cabinet 15"


Base Cabinet 18"


Base Cabinet 21"


Base Cabinet 24"


Base Cabinet 27"


Base Cabinet 30"


Base Cabinet 33"


Base Cabinet 36"


Base Cabinet 42"






Base Lasy Susan Cabinet 33"


Base Lasy Susan Cabinet 36"


Drawer Base Cabinet 12"


Drawer Base Cabinet 15"


Drawer Base Cabinet 18"


Drawer Base Cabinet 21"


Drawer Base Cabinet 24"


Drawer Base Cabinet 27"


Drawer Base Cabinet 30"


Sink Base Cabinet 33"


Sink Base Cabinet 36"


Sink Base Cabinet 42'


Wall 09"W X 30"H


Wall 12"W X 30"H


Wall 15"W X 30"H


Wall 18"W X 30"H


Wall 21"W X 30"H


Wall 24"W X 30"H


Wall 27"W X 30"H


Wall 30"W X 30"H


Wall 33"W X 30"H


Wall 36"W X 30"H




Wall 09"W X 36"H


Wall 12"W X 36"H


Wall 15"W X 36"H


Wall 18"W X 36"H


Wall 21"W X 36"H


Wall 24"W X 36"H


Wall 27"W X 36"H


Wall 30"W X 36"H


Wall 33"W X 36"H


Wall 36"W X 36"H




Wall 09"W X 42"H


Wall 12"W X 42"H


Wall 15"W X 42"H


Wall 18"W X 42"H


Wall 21"W X 42"H


Wall 24"W X 42"H


Wall 27"W X 42"H


Wall 30"W X 42"H


Wall 33"W X 42"H


Wall 36"W X 42"H




Wall 30"W X 12"H


Wall 30"W X 15"H


Wall 30"W X 18"H


Wall 30"W X 21"H


Wall 30"W X 24"H


Wall 36"W X 12"H


Wall 36"W X 12"H X 24"D


Wall 36"W X 15"H


Wall 36"W X 15"H X 24"D


Wall 36"W X 18"H


Wall 36"W X 18"H X 24"D


Wall 36"W X 21"H


Wall 36"W X 21"H X 24"D


Wall 36"W X 24"H


Wall 36"W X 24"H X 24"D


Microwave Oven 30"W X 84"H


Microwave Oven 30"W X 90"H


Microwave Oven 30"W X 96"H


Microwave Oven 33"W X 84"H


Microwave Oven 33"W X 90"H


Microwave Oven 33"W X 96"H


Pantry 18"W X 84"H


Pantry 18"W X 90"H


Pantry 18"W X 96"H


Pantry 24"W X 84"H


Pantry 24"W X 90"H


Pantry 24"W X 96"H


Pantry 30"W X 84"H


Pantry 30"W X 90"H


Pantry 30"W X 96"H


BASE FILLER 3 x 34.5


Base panel 36"x96"x1/4"


Base Side Skin Panel 24 x 34


Corbel - Shaker Design


Corbel-Shaker Design


Crown Molding 2"1/2X8'


Crown Molding 4"1/2X8'


Deco Valance Panel 36"


Deco Valance Panel 42"


Deco Valance Panel 60"


Dishwasher End Panel with 3"




Glass Holder Rack 30


Light Rail Molding 1"3/4X8'


Scribe Molding 3/4"X8'


Tall Filler 3"x96"


Toe Kick 4"1/2X8'


Touch Up Kit - Modern Java








Wall Filler 3"x30"


Wall Filler 3"x36"


Wall Filler 3"x42"


Wall Side Skin Panel 12 x 30


Wall Side Skin Panel 12 x 36


Wall Side Skin Panel 12 x 42


Wine Rack 30'W X 15"H X12"D