When searching for the ideal blend of traditional and modern RTA kitchen cabinets, White Shaker cabinets are the perfect solution. The Shakers unpretentiously transformed furniture and practical decorating techniques by presenting the modest and ascetic. Introducing a self-effacing way of decorating and creating furniture, the Shakers shied away from the tendency towards heavy, ostentatious home decorating standards during their time, which continues even today.

White Shaker RTA Kitchen Cabinets 

At theCabinetSpot, we offer Country White Shaker RTA kitchen cabinets that are just as solid and sturdy as the original Shaker design. By delivering more value for money, White Shaker ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets can last for the life of your kitchen. What began as a deep-seated change to home décor by a small group of individuals has now become the quintessence of minimalists style for today’s home furnishings. 


 The Country White Shaker RTA cabinets offered from TheCabinetSpot.com are created with simple and pure lines, which means easy cleaning. The cabinet design is suitable for any kitchen décor due to its discreet structure and charming convivial quality. 

 Our Country White Shaker RTA cabinets are produced with all maple wood doors with no variation in quality. Full depth 5.8” thick wall and base shelves, CAM lock system assembly, dove tail, all wood full extension drawers, and under-mount soft close drawer slides, are just a few of the features you can enjoy when you order White Shaker kitchen cabinets from the Cabinet Spot. This superb high-end kitchen cabinet design is not some one-off trend that you will regret in a couple of years. Our White Shaker RTA kitchen cabinets are in it for the long-haul and that’s why the design has been cherished for centuries. 

 The foremost benefits of White Shaker RTA kitchen cabinets are:


Ÿ-  As already mentioned; strength and durability
-Ÿ  Straightforward conventional lines provide long-lasting finish and low maintenance requirements throughout the years
Ÿ-  The cabinet design easily suits most kitchen decors
Ÿ-  White Shaker cabinets are easy to incorporate into kitchen styles from traditional to modern; therefore, they last through numerous renovations
Ÿ - They offer value for money that many other comparable products can’t match today



 Country White Shaker ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets from The Cabinet Spot boast a full overlay, solid hardwood doors with concealed 6-way modifiable hinges, natural plywood box construction, and under-mount soft close drawer slides. Therefore, practicality and performance are assured. If you want to match your White Shaker RTA cabinets with your other fittings, you can easily extend the flow of the theme of your kitchen easily with this cabinet style. What’s more, white extends space and works with any color scheme. White Shaker style cabinets can be placed in your bathroom as well, thereby extending the White Shaker cabinet theme throughout your home!

 White Shaker style ready-to-assemble cabinets offer a clean look to any kitchen. Shaker style kitchen cabinets will enhance your kitchen décor with fine finishes and the best quality materials. Contact The Cabinet Spot, the best RTA kitchen cabinet company online today and discover how to make your dream kitchen a reality!