RTA kitchen cabinets are catching the eye of kitchen designers everywhere. One reason is because they offer economical benefits along with style and you receive more for less. Incredibly cost-effective, good quality, and faster delivery than your typical home remodeling chain stores, it’s easier to create your dream kitchen with ready-to-assemble cabinets. Nevertheless, are they safe?

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Not too long ago, in the United States certain laws have been instated to protect consumers. One such law from the Import and Environmental Laws demand a comprehensive inspection and certification of RTA cabinets to make certain that the products are environmentally friendly. 

First of all, you’re not going to find yourself inhaling dangerous fumes that will slowly cause you to suffocate or choke to death! Nonetheless, if your RTA kitchen cabinets are not secured to the wall properly, who knows what accident is waiting to happen. In all seriousness, there are plenty of people who are concerned about “toxic chemicals” being released into their home’s atmosphere from RTA kitchen cabinets; however, with the new laws in place, such a situation is highly unlikely.

Rumors concerning toxic chemicals in RTA cabinets made from places like China have been found not to have a basis. Somewhere around the mid 2000s, the first stages of a law was passed in California called the ATCM or Airborne Toxic Control Measure, which restricts the release of formaldehyde. However, the new laws were actually enacted because many US manufacturers were utilizing this type of glue as well. The second stage of the CARB compliance act was enacted later around the same time and placed even more limitations on toxic emissions.

Due to California being a hub for shipments from China, all factories are compelled to become CARB 2 compliant or loose the opportunity to sell cabinets in the United States. With the U.S. being such a large market, of course companies complied with the restrictions in order to continue to have access to the huge U.S. consumer base. Therefore, there is a slim chance that you will encounter RTA kitchen cabinets manufactured from harmful substances and materials. Today, CARB 2 compliance has become the rule and not the exception.


It’s important to make the right choice when ordering your RTA kitchen cabinets. When ordering online, check that companies have certain logos and information that helps you feel comfortable and secure when making your RTA cabinet choice. For example, the Business Consumer Alliance will supply you with everything you need to know about a company prior to doing business with them. This is crucial, as you can find out if a company has been discredited in some way while carrying out business transactions.


When it comes down to it, there is no need to be concerned that your new RTA kitchen cabinets are dangerous! You want the highest-quality cabinets at the best possible price. That combination is not difficult to find, especially with new laws enacted more frequently these days. Therefore, you can relax and purchase your new RTA kitchen cabinets in safety.